She puts on her makeup and brushes her long blonde hair

Hey! Title is from "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. Since I don't have a camera to take pictures, I thought I'd do a beauty post. Here are the products I use everyday:

1. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black
    This eyeliner makes a great, crisp line - not too thick, not too thin. Plus, it's easy to hold.

    This is a really great mascara. It lengthens and separates lashes without getting clumpy. The brush
    took a little getting used to, but it's worth it for this great mascara.

    I love powder foundations. They feel so light, which is especially awesome in the heat. I really like
    how I can put a lot of powder on for full coverage or just dust it on for light coverage. This powder
    looks really natural. It covers blemishes well and doesn't get cakey.

4. Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher in Plum Gorgeous
    This is the only blush I have ever owned so I can't really compare it to anything. I got it from my mom
    when she got a new shade. It blends well and adds just the right touch of color to my face.

    This lip balm is a life saver! I never go anywhere without it. I have terrible chaped lips and have
    tried tons of lip balms, but this one keeps my lips hydrated and smooth all day long. My lips have
    never felt better! Plus, it's all natural :) I highly recommend this product to everyone.

6. Lipgloss
    I wear lipgloss pretty much every day and prefer it to lipstick. I have so many lipgloss that I can't
    point out just one that I wear/like more than others so here are a few of my favorites:

I love that it smells like vanilla!!

If you have any questions about what I use or my daily makeup routine, feel free to ask! :)



So my camera broke today! FML! It fell off a chair and part of the lens bent and the lens wouldn't go back in so I tried to push it back in (potentially making it worse?). It's still under warranty, but I not longer have the original receipt and it's needed to make the warranty effective (and the warranty says it doesn't cover accidents). I could pay to get it fixed (if it's fixable), but the camera wasn't that good (seriously...go read review for the Nikon Coolpix s220....none of them are good). So maybe this is my chance to get a better camera, although I was hoping my next camera purchase would be a DSLR (which isn't really in the budget at the moment).

So, looks like I'll be camera shopping soon. Right now I have about $150 for a new camera. Any suggestions? What are some good cameras? What do you use?


I Heart Blogs

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm participating in We Heart Blogs today. It's a big bloglove event and a great way to show your love to 10 blogs. So, here are my 10 favorite blogs at the moment:

1. Silhouette Girl - Catherine is really nice and has a cool, casual style. She is an expert at working with a limited wardrobe and looking impossibly stylish doing it. She inspires me to try to stretch my wardrobe more.

2. Bad Penny - My first interviewee, Sarah's got a great, effortless style. She always finds awesome vintage pieces. Plus, the girl's got some pipes!

3. Every Road A Runway - My most recent interviewee, Beth has an awesome edge to her style that I aspire to have one day. Plus, I love her posts about designers and how she only posts when she really has something to say and doesn't post just to post. 

4. Abbey Karson - I originally found her on Chictopia and then became a follower of her blog as soon as I found it. I love her edgy style with a great fun quirkiness thrown in. And I envy her awesome makeup.

5. Buffalo Stance - I really like looking at blogs of people with easy, everyday styles, but this is one of the more fashion forward blogs I look at. I love everything she wears! She always looks so put-together and amazingly stylish.

6. Blonde Bedhead - Andrea is really cool. Not only does she have an awesome style and awesome hair, she plays roller derby. Her roller derby name? Ra-punch-el! Does it get any better?

7. Delightfully Tacky - She was one of the reasons I started a blog. She's got a great style that's uniquely her. Plus she recently bought a Winnebago and plans to take a journey in it! How cool is that?

8. Twitch Vintage - Robyn is super sweet and has a great knack for vintage. She wears it well and her store is always full of amazing items.

9. Vecchia Anima - Morganne is really nice. She's got awesome style. I can totally see myself wearing everything she wears (I actually almost bought the same shoes as her haha).

10. Russian Doll - I love Juliet's edginess and ability to layer with ease. She always looks so cute, even when taking exams. This blogs makes me want to spend some time in Russia.


For dancing soon becomes romancing

Hey! Title comes from "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" from White Christmas.

Sorry for not posting in a few days! I'm such a terrible blogger! There weather here has been terrible and rainy, ruining every opportunity to take outfit pictures. I'll try to get some pictures when the weather clears up.

Oh and remember those amazing Deena and Ozzy sandals I mentioned buying here? Well they came in and they don't fit! Darn my wide feet! I was hesitant to buy shoes without trying them on, but I loved them so much I figured I'd take a chance. I was so heartbroken when they came in and didn't fit! The search continues for strappy flat black sandals. On a more positive note, the shorts I bought are more amazing than I could've imagined! :D

Just a heads up that tomorrow I will be participating in We Heart Blogs tomorrow so check back to see some of my favorite blogs.

And if you're looking to enter a good giveaway, check out this one hosted by Maggey of Lifesize Paperdoll. You can win 3 rompers and 2 dresses and they are all so cute!!



Blogger Spotlight: Beth from Every Road a Runway

July's featured blogger is Beth from Every Road a Runway. I stumbled across her blog one day, fell in love with her style, and have been a reader ever since. Read on to get to know her a little better and don't forget to check out her blog.

When did you start blogging and why?
I began blogging about five months ago. For a long time, I was merely a lurker of blogs I admired. Other girls and guys were out there sharing their opinions on trends, participating in fashion events, and posting their own outfits. It took me a while to gain the courage to put myself out there and create a blog of my own. Before I even began, I definitely took the time to find out what techniques work for a blog and what methods don’t really contribute to the well-being of a fashion blog.

When did you get interested in style/fashion and what sparked that interest?
Junior high is when I really took an interest in fashion. I admit, I was still scared to do anything outrageous, but it was around this time I began to put effort into how I looked. My senior year of high school is when everything changed. I dyed my hair bright pink, and I’m still shocked my private school let me get away with that stunt.

My pink hair provided me with a great deal of courage and spunk. I began dressing in crazy outfits-- everything from bright striped outfits to all black ensembles. Doing something strange to my appearance liberated me, and I stopped comparing myself to everyone else.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Simple, gritty, chic.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?
While I’m willing to walk into any store, I always fall back on H&M. I’m a firm believer in buying trendy clothes when they’re cheap. I won’t splurge on items I won’t wear in a year, but spending less than $20 on something fun is a thrifty way to be frivolous.

Besides H&M, Forever 21 is perfect for basics and frilly items. Ebay is my secret weapon. I find amazing deals on there; like my riding boots that I scored for $10. Where else can you get seemingly one of a kind treasures for $10?

Any recent splurges?
The H&M sale, of course! I got 5 amazing pieces for $50. I also bought a L.A.M.B. purse not too long ago, and it’s been the most expensive item I own.

What are your interests/hobbies (besides fashion)?
I love creative writing. I majored in writing in college, so it’s always something I look forward to. Another hobby I enjoy is reading. Bookstores are places I could wander around for hours and hours. My house is full of piles of books, and while I can never seem to get through all of them, I like knowing that adventures are waiting for me inside of the pages.

If you could only take 10 pieces of clothing (including shoes and accessories) with you to a desert island, what would you take?
1. American Apparel triangle bra
2. A strapless sundress
3. Nike Legends [for when I need to do some running around]
4. Cut off denim shorts
5. Tube top
6. Bathing suit
7. A big floppy sunhat
8. Aviator sunglasses
9. Thin v-neck shirts
10. A warm hoodie for cold nights

If you could pick a designer to create a collection just for you, who would you pick and why?
Alexander Wang is my favorite designer. I would treasure anything that man made for me. His pieces are simple and often in neutral colors, so they’re timeless. Every piece is structured, but still drapes over the body. He designs for the badass rocker and the goody two shoes.

Name your favorite (or favorites):
book: Dream Boy Jim Gimsley
movie: Up, Marie Antoinette , 28 Days Later, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
tv show: Parks and Recreation
color: Gunmetal Grey


Heavy decibels are playing on my guitar

(shirt: Walmart, skirt: vintage, cami: hand-me-down, leggings: Candies, shoes: vintage, bangles: vintage)

Today's title is from "Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" by AC/DC.

I love this skirt. It was my first vintage find. I added lace leggings I found in my closet for a girly touch with the leather. I love lace and was so happy when I found these! In the full body shots they kinda looks like plain white, so I included a close-up of the lace. My first piece of lace (and only piece for the time being). The shirt and oxfords kinda added a menswear touch.


She's got eyes of the bluest skies

Hey! Title is from "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.

I love band t-shirts, especially those classic rock/metal bands. They are a great way to express my love of music. I found this one at Old Navy. I wasn't sure how it looked tucked into these shorts, though. Any opinions?

Sorry for the less-than-spectacular photo quality.
extra 1
extra 2
(shirt: Old Navy, shorts: H&M, shoes: Target, vest: H&M, bangles: vintage)


I remember wild and wild and free

Heya! Title comes from "You Are Goodbye" by Holly Conlan.

Today was really hot so I went for loose fabrics, comfortable fabrics. I ended up with a semi-bohemian look. This outfit was fun to wear and made me just want to dance around outside. :)
(skirt: Kohl's, shirt: Old Navy, shoes: TJ Maxx, necklace: vintage, bracelets: assorted)


Charity Feature: TWLOHA

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a charity that I feel strongly about and really support. I thought I'd share some info about TWLOHA with you to help spread the word.

So, what does TWLOHA do? As it is very well put on their website:
"To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery."
One of TWLOHA's biggest projects right now is the IMAlive program, "the first online peer-to-peer support system fighting against depression and suicide." TWLOHA teamed up with Kristen Brooks Hope Center (1-800-SUICIDE) to launch IMAlive.

Want to help TWLOHA? Right now, the Kristen Brooks Hope Center (TWLOHA's partner in IMAlive) is entered in Chase Community Giving and has the chance to win $250,000 for IMAlive, a project that will save countless lives. All you have to do is go to Chase Community Giving and vote for the Kristen Brooks Hope Center. Then, why not encourage your family/friends to do the same? Voting ends July 12th and every vote helps.

Another way you can help is SocialVibe box on the right side and click on it. Then complete some of the simple activities and money will be donated to TWLOHA.

For more info on IMAlive, please visit http://www.twloha.com/move/imalive/

For more info on TWLOHA, please visit http://www.twloha.com/

I know this post was kinda long so thanks for reading it! And maybe it inspired you to support TWLOHA, too.

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