So my camera broke today! FML! It fell off a chair and part of the lens bent and the lens wouldn't go back in so I tried to push it back in (potentially making it worse?). It's still under warranty, but I not longer have the original receipt and it's needed to make the warranty effective (and the warranty says it doesn't cover accidents). I could pay to get it fixed (if it's fixable), but the camera wasn't that good (seriously...go read review for the Nikon Coolpix s220....none of them are good). So maybe this is my chance to get a better camera, although I was hoping my next camera purchase would be a DSLR (which isn't really in the budget at the moment).

So, looks like I'll be camera shopping soon. Right now I have about $150 for a new camera. Any suggestions? What are some good cameras? What do you use?


  1. oh i'm sorry to hear about your camera...our old ixus died on us 5 years ago when my sister dropped while the camera was on and the lens was out...

    i'm not using a DSLR but a Canon SX20. the photos are of SLR quality..and you can make use of the manual settings too. of course, SLRs have better sharpness and contrast...but i am just happy with my SX20..it being almost half the price of a Canon Rebel...hehe.

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  2. this EXACT same thing happened to me a month ago. like you, the only reason I wasnt totally bummed about it was that the camera sucked anyway. My replacement is a Coolpix S570, which has its pros and cons over my Kodak Easy Share. The Coolpix S570 has MUCH better close-up quality, and better photo quality in general, particularly in natural lighting. It's much easier to adjust the amount of light coming in, making it easy to brighten up indoor photos. On the down side, you have to manually adjust the white ballence in most situations, particularly in artefical lighting. I also haven't perfectly mastered indoor photos in arteficial lighting in general, but I'm sure it can be done. Mine was only $135ish at the Walmart website. Any more questions, let me know. Good luck.

  3. Ugh, this happened to my favorite camera two years ago! It fell off of my makeshift tripod, which is probably my fault. I'm so sorry yours broke. It's heartbreaking when a camera gets busted!

    For $150, you can get a Nikon Coolpix S3000. It's one of the cameras I use, and it takes freakishly good photos for being so tiny!

    Also, thank you so much for listing me as one of your 10 favorite bloggers! You are too sweet.

  4. oh no, im really sorry to hear about your camera! at least it is an excuse to get a new one. i use a fujifilm but i forget which model, although it does have a 10x opitical zoom and 12 megapixel and that was for about 200 but it was on offer. though i suggest getting a more reliable make like nikon as my camera is breaking, the coolpix ones suggested are good, my mom has just recently bought one, and they are such good value for money. and thank you for being such a loyal blog follower! even when i forget to comment back. i hope you find a camera soon so you can get back to posting your lovely outfits! :)

  5. oh too bad the sx20 is not within your budget...i got mine for a much lesser price because it came directly from the suppliers...had to pay cash for it though so i also had to save, save, save.

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  6. my lens recently just broke - it's the worst feeling ever. have you looked at overstock or amazon? you can get cameras for pretty cheap on there.

  7. Bummer! I'm so sorry to hear that. I had a nikon coolpix for almost 3 years, and had no problems with it, but I have also read those bad reviews. Good luck with whatever you decide. I just spent all of my savings on a dslr, so I have no applicable advice.


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