She's got eyes of the bluest skies

Hey! Title is from "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.

I love band t-shirts, especially those classic rock/metal bands. They are a great way to express my love of music. I found this one at Old Navy. I wasn't sure how it looked tucked into these shorts, though. Any opinions?

Sorry for the less-than-spectacular photo quality.
extra 1
extra 2
(shirt: Old Navy, shorts: H&M, shoes: Target, vest: H&M, bangles: vintage)


  1. What a cool outfit, it's the kind you'd wear to a music festival, and speaking of which, I was hoping I'd get to go to the V-Festival this year, or even Glastonbury but no such luck, haha, guess I'll just have to wait until I'm seventeen :P


  2. I like the tee tucked into the shorts- it kind of makes it look a little classier you know? Hehe. I love the vest, this is the epitome of street fashion!

  3. Sweet Child O Mine is my secret shame car song. You know that song you turn up ridiculously loud, and just jam out like you really are Axl Rose. Other drivers need to watch out, I am too busy rocking to drive safely.

  4. so great, I like ur shirt :) xoxo


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