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As I mentioned yesterday, I'm participating in We Heart Blogs today. It's a big bloglove event and a great way to show your love to 10 blogs. So, here are my 10 favorite blogs at the moment:

1. Silhouette Girl - Catherine is really nice and has a cool, casual style. She is an expert at working with a limited wardrobe and looking impossibly stylish doing it. She inspires me to try to stretch my wardrobe more.

2. Bad Penny - My first interviewee, Sarah's got a great, effortless style. She always finds awesome vintage pieces. Plus, the girl's got some pipes!

3. Every Road A Runway - My most recent interviewee, Beth has an awesome edge to her style that I aspire to have one day. Plus, I love her posts about designers and how she only posts when she really has something to say and doesn't post just to post. 

4. Abbey Karson - I originally found her on Chictopia and then became a follower of her blog as soon as I found it. I love her edgy style with a great fun quirkiness thrown in. And I envy her awesome makeup.

5. Buffalo Stance - I really like looking at blogs of people with easy, everyday styles, but this is one of the more fashion forward blogs I look at. I love everything she wears! She always looks so put-together and amazingly stylish.

6. Blonde Bedhead - Andrea is really cool. Not only does she have an awesome style and awesome hair, she plays roller derby. Her roller derby name? Ra-punch-el! Does it get any better?

7. Delightfully Tacky - She was one of the reasons I started a blog. She's got a great style that's uniquely her. Plus she recently bought a Winnebago and plans to take a journey in it! How cool is that?

8. Twitch Vintage - Robyn is super sweet and has a great knack for vintage. She wears it well and her store is always full of amazing items.

9. Vecchia Anima - Morganne is really nice. She's got awesome style. I can totally see myself wearing everything she wears (I actually almost bought the same shoes as her haha).

10. Russian Doll - I love Juliet's edginess and ability to layer with ease. She always looks so cute, even when taking exams. This blogs makes me want to spend some time in Russia.


  1. So many lovely blogs! Great post to keep me inspired through the weekend. Big shout out from India! :)

    PS. If you haven't already snagged the street style awesomeness of Scott Schuman then enter our Sartorialist Book Giveaway right away! :)

  2. eee! you are so sweet! thank you for liking me and my blog! hehehehe!

  3. My heart swells. Thank you! I will definitely look into this, as I hadn't heard of it before now.


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