I'm crazy but I get the job done

Aloha! Today's title comes from "Philosophy" by Ben Folds Five.

I recently got this dress and I love it! I love the tribal inspired pattern and ruffle at the top. I apologize for over wearing this cardigan. Ever since I got it about two months ago I haven’t been able to stop finding this it looks great with. It’s just such a great bright color! :)

I really need a pair of black gladiator sandals. I have brown ones, but a good chunk of my closet would look good with black ones.

I'm wearing:
-dress from Walmart
-cardigan from Kohl's
-black flats from Payless
-Mickey Mouse bracelet from Disney World
-black and blue jelly bracelets from Hot Topic
-heart shaped necklace from my mom
-various friendship bracelets

P.S. Stop back Monday for a special surprise!


  1. Love the print of that dress. Perfect for spring. Also, don't tell, but Ben Folds is my kryptonite. His music is my secret love, that my boyfriend makes fun of me for.

  2. lovely outfit, i agree i like the tribal look of the dress. I constantly over wear things that i love!


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