It's the new mother nature takin' over

Hi! Today's title comes from "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" by The Guess Who.

Today I tackled denim-on-denim. In my opinion, the trick to getting this to work is making sure your shades of denim are different. These shoes are my mom’s (again haha). I’m starting to embrace the clog trend. :)

So I'm having trouble posing. I'm not sure what poses to do and what to do with my face (smile? pout?) Any tips?
I'm wearing:
-jeans from Kohl's
-denim shirt from Walmart
-clog sandals by Caterpillar
-cami by Sonoma
-vintage penny-inspired necklace
-vintage Native-American-esque bracelet
-various friendship bracelets


  1. oh i hate posing! haha im awful but you look fine :) i love how you've layered the denim shirt with a waistcoat i think. looks super cool :)

  2. Posing get's easier... I can't say I have gotten better with time. I just know what I will end up using. Staring at the floor to my left tends to be a winner.

    Way to work denim on denim, AND clogs. You're definitely on top of what is going on right now.


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