At times like these it's obvious

Hey! Today’s title comes from “Obvious” by Blink-182. Here’s an outfit post, as promised! I am dying a streak of my hair purple as I type this. If all goes well, I might dye my bangs too.

I recently bought this dress from Urban Outfitters. I love it! It’s so pretty and it’s got a great shape. It was on sale for only $20. That’s almost $40 off the original price! I love a good sale. I also bought a necklace on sale, although I’m not wearing it in these pictures. It seems like the only way I’ll ever be able to afford things from Urban Outfitters is if they are on sale. The regular priced stuff is so expensive (at least for my budget).

I’m wearing:
-Ecote dress from Urban Outfitters
-gold wedge sandals from TJ Maxx
-my mom’s gold bangles
-my mom’s high school class ring
-necklace from a friend


  1. I think purple highlights will look great I cant wait to see em!!

    and again I love that dress. I always hit the sale racks, cause they just charge too much for stuff!

    you are like the first person I actually keep up with that keeps up with me that ive met on here :)

    and yes my background did change, itl change some more, im tweaking it a bit :)

  2. i found your blog via chictopia. Nice page and I really like those sandals!

  3. i love this dress, great bargain! im your newest follower!

  4. I am constantly scouring UO's sale section. Last weekend, I wandered off into the normal priced section.. found a dress I couldn't live without for $78 and had to literally pry myself off of it. It's such a letdown how expensive it is, because I truly LOVE their clothing! This dress is so cute on you! xo

  5. Gosh, I definitely don't think that dress is worth $60. I like the purple-ness of it!


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