You forgot but I remembered this

Title comes from "Stranger Things Have Happened" by the Foo Fighters.

These shorts are my mom's, but shes doesn't wear them anymore so she let me wear them. They are so soft and are such a pretty light pink color! They're a little big so I had to wear a belt to keep them where I wanted them to sit. (I used an old Limited Too belt haha) I cuffed the bottom because I wanted them a little shorter. The shirt I bought mainly because of the graphic on it. I love the NYC skyline.
my "model" shot
(shorts: my mom's, shirt: Steve & Barry's, shoes: Target, bracelets: vintage, belt: Limited Too)


  1. oh gosh, i used to shop at limited too ALL the time when i was younger! lol. cute outfit btw!

  2. That dusty lilac color is so pretty paired with the gray. I used to shop at Limited Too all of the time when I was younger!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I'm glad you enjoy my blog!

  3. I love your mom shorts they look great!

    I've actually been looking for some like that, maybe I'll raid my mother's closet when I go home in two days!

  4. your shorts are amazing!! Such a lovely colour- you look great xx

  5. I felt silly commenting on my interview post, but I really apreciated it. Thank you so much.

    As for this look, those shorts are stellar. The perfect vintage shorts are the hardest thing to find, and those ones are a must have for summer.

    Also, loving the model pose. Work it.

  6. AHHH I love those shorts and the wedges are amazing! I've been searching out pastel colored shorts at the thrift stores lately but haven't had any luck. you're lucky you got them from your momma :)

    And the belt is also fabulous!


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