Let's go out tonight

Heya! Today's title is from "Out Tonight" from Rent. I love musicals. :)

So here's the first pair of shoes I got from Target. I needed a pair of black heeled sandals and when I found these wedges, I fell in love! They're pretty comfy, which is always a plus. They squeezed by little toe a little the first time I wore them, but after a few wears they loosened up.

This is another one of the scarves I mentioned here. This is my first time mixing prints. I think it went pretty well.
(shirt: H&M, jeans: Kohl's, vest: H&M, scarf: yard sale, shoes: Target, bracelets: assorted)


  1. Love the stripes. I am pretty obsessed with them right now.
    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Cute outfit! I love Target.

    Hi, I'm Lizzie. Nice to meet you (sort of.) :]

    RE: Awesome, there's another person who wants to be involved in my collab blog. I'm ecstatic! Do you have a preference out of those three? (books/poetry, music, or fashion.) At the moment no one is signed up for fashion, so if you think you want to do that, that'd be dandi-est. I just made up a word/superlative. haha.

    Ooh, I think the majority likes 'the mix tape' as a title so far, but yes, 'the world we live in' is good too.

    Thanks! :D

    P.S. I'm a follower of your lovely blog now. :]

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you can't participate. I was looking forward to working with you, but I totally understand working with a busy schedule. In your down time perhaps you can drop by the blog and leave a comment or something. :]

    Thanks anyway! :D

  4. Oh girl those shoes are soooo cute!!!
    I love that top, you look good in that color :)

    another great outfit :)

  5. My first reaction when seeing these pics was, "ooo great print mixing." After reading, you clearly knew that already. :)

  6. that scarf! i love it, goes great with the stripes

  7. I've seen you around Chictopia ; ), and I must say you have such a great look. : )

    I would love it if you participated in my "outfits of the weeks," I have a new feature on my blog that will feature other bloggers (or just people in general) with their fashion! Please read for more details: http://watermoolen.xanga.com/728724252/item/

    Much Love!



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