Here comes the radiation!

Yo! Today's title is appropriately from the UKZ song "Radiation."

I love this skirt. It's the first vintage thing I ever bought. The shirt I got at UKZ’s first and only concert (They called it a one city world tour haha). The smallest size available at the concert was a large so it’s big on me. I always had trouble wearing it (too big to be a regular shirt, not big enough to be a dress with leggings) until I tried it on with this skirt and loved how it looked.

I got a little picture happy today. I took at least 40 pictures. However, only 8 were good enough for posting because I'm terrible at taking pictures with self-timer. Also, today I learned that it is extremely difficult to take pictures of yourself jumping using self-timer. I ended up taking so many pictures of myself in awkward poses just after I landed.

I was playing air guitar in this picture.
a successful jumping picture
and a not so successful jumping picture, although I kinda like the way this came out
You may have noticed that I'm only wearing my glasses in one picture. This is because I have transitions lenses that turn into sunglasses outside. They aren't the most flattering sunglasses, so I just took my glasses off when the lenses got dark.

I'm wearing:
-vintage black faux leather skirt from Salvation Army
-UKZ t-shirt from a UKZ concert
-black tights from Kohl's
-black flats from Payless
-Autism Speaks bracelet
-black jelly bracelets from Hot Topic
-various friendship bracelets


  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you a little blog award.

    I really like these pictures, you look like you are having so much fun. Loving that air guitar.

  2. I love the leather skirt and t-shirt together its really nice mix! I know what you mean about taking pictures with the self timer, half my pictures always look super akward too, il take 50 and only like 4.

  3. love the leather skirt, i really like mixing casual things with more tougher or sweeter peices of clothing. self timer is tricking when you trying to jump or do something simila. i think they always come out more funner than intended though :)


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