I seen the needle and the damage done

Guten Abend! Post title is from "The Needle and the Damage Done," originally my Neil Young, but I'm currently listening to James Lewis's version on his new cd Tribute. James Lewis is an amazing singer and a super nice guy. His new cd rocks. Check him out! Here are links to his website and myspace.

Anyway, on to fashion. I really like the way this looks. The dress is actually a skirt that I pulled up and belted. I actually think it looks better as a dress. The bracelet I'm wearing (featured in the second pic) was something I won in a ModCloth contest on St. Patrick's Day. I love it!

I'm wearing:
-light blue cropped cardigan from Kohl’s
-multi-print skirt worn as a dress from Kohl’s
-brown/blue/green bangle from ModCloth
-brown studded sandals from TJ Maxx
-gold necklace (birthday gift from a friend)
-white hand-me-down belt
-various friendship bracelets

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