The lady in red when everyone else is wearing tan

Hey hey good people of the internet! Today's title comes from the The Nanny theme song. I love that show. :)

This outfit is just sorta casual and fun. The shoes, if you can't tell because of the grass, are wedges. Today started out really nice. Then it started raining. Sorry for the less-than-spectacular photo quality. I didn’t have much time (due to the rain) and my camera was acting weird.


I'm wearing:
-red Old Navy cardigan (my mom's)
-t-shirt from Delias
-jeans from Kohl's
-bangle I won from ModCloth
-gold wedge sandals from TJ Maxx
-hand-me-down white belt
-gold necklace (birthday gift from a friend)
-various friendship bracelets

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  1. i love wedges at the moment, and your tbar ones are great! like the pink cardigan too :)


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